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Read more booksIn our team we value reading books highly. One of my favourite self improvement initiatives has been the introduction of a weekly book presentation by one of the team members.

The idea is very simple: every Tuesday morning, before work, someone presents a book. The book should not have been presented before and the presentation is applied to our business. The idea is that you read books a little outside your comfort zone, broadening your general knowledge. Every presentation can be 10 – 15 minutes, with 10-15 minutes discussion about the theme after that.

You can imagine that over time we have been discussing quite a lot of books, covering a wide variety of topics, from strategy to neuro linguistic programming and from HTML to speed reading.

From time to time I will add a review of a book that is worth sharing on this blog.

What books have affected you most?

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Over the past few years Walter van der Scheer has been evangelizing marketing automation to advertising agencies, e-commerce companies and co-workers alike and has been building a team of determined sales professionals. He has made progress, but the road ahead is still very long. Walter shares his personal experiences and challenges along the road of changing the way that marketing is done, while trying to stick to the strategically chosen path. +

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