Do metaphores add life to a conversation or are they just tacky? 1 of 2

MetaphorIn my conversations I like to add metaphores and analogies to enrich the conversation and by adding this, I add a different perspective to the situation. A while ago I posted the question if metaphores do add life to a conversation in a Linkedin group discussion to learn how other professionals think about the art of storytelling.

Creating rapport

There were quite a lot of responses from all over. Very interesting to learn what metaphores are used, and why. It seems that people use metaphores and analogies either from their own experiences / preferences and/or they are being projected on the conversation partners’preferences. Thus, creating a powerful tool to create rapport.

Some people, those who are visual thinkers, for example, might benefit tremendously from the image that your metaphor creates in their minds.

Are metaphores a way to start up a dialogue, or are to enabling only one-way traffic in a conversation?

Metaphore or analogy

Also, the difference between a metaphore and a analogy was pointed out: Any sentence with as or like in it is an analogy and not a metaphore. ‘I am out of here like a herd of turtles’ is an analogie, where ‘ship of the desert’ to refer to a camel is a metaphore.

The tip of the iceberg is another all time favourite to refer to a situation where there’s more  to it than meets the eye.

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