Do metaphores add life to a conversation or are they just tacky? 2 of 2

Metaphores add life, and if used in a good fashion, it helps people to relate to your product or service and the added value. Earlier I started of with this article, based on the group discussion on this subject on Linkedin.

Facts tell, stories sell

Of course, the comments showed a lot of metaphores, not all will go over great, and some you’ll “knock out of the park”. Some people avoid metaphores like the plague. Men seem to use metaphores more than women, especially the sports metaphore is a fav one amongst men.

Sales is like fishing… the more casts you make, the more likely you will be to catch a fish. But you must also be knowledgeable about where the fish are & what baits & techniques to use.

Be careful in using metaphores to point out differences to competition, one half of the people in the discussion think it is wise to use them, the other half advices not to.

Every person has it’s one way of responding, some people simply hate metaphors like cats hate water. They avoid metaphores like the plague.

If you start with a metaphore, start with one close to you so you can express passion and excitement.

Do stories actually sell? Nobody really knows how many deals got killed by a wrong metaphor. But don’t linger to use a metaphor, because time flies like the wind, and fruit flies Iike bananas…

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