Invaluable tools

Often I come across handy and neat tools which make my life a little bit easier.

I figured it might be nice to share these with the rest of the world.

So currently I make a lot of use of:

Skype for international and national calls but also to share my screen with others for demo purposes

Evernote for taking notes and keeping up to date lists; www.eve

Linkedin for Outlook toolbar: very nice add-on for Outlook, giving insight in what updates and connections a contact has, and of course a photo of this person. Helps you remember, eh! 😉

Google Hangouts: Great for online collaboration

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Over the past few years Walter van der Scheer has been evangelizing marketing automation to advertising agencies, e-commerce companies and co-workers alike and has been building a team of determined sales professionals. He has made progress, but the road ahead is still very long. Walter shares his personal experiences and challenges along the road of changing the way that marketing is done, while trying to stick to the strategically chosen path. +

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