Who are your personal inspirators?

Our lives, both personal and business, are formed by our actions, experiences and people we meet. In every one of the eight phases of our lives we will learn new things, acquire new skills and meet new people. Sometimes people have an everlasting impact on our lives, up-scaling these regular people to personal inspirators.

Who are inspirators?

Inspirators can be relatives, school teachers, sports coaches, friends, co-workers, authorities in your professional field, people you meet by coincidence but also people you don’t even know personally, e.g. celebrities like a president, a pop star, sports hero or somebody else with a life story that has an impact on you.

Even though everybody will be inspired a lot of times by people’s attitudes towards life, accomplishments and even their personality, only a few people have a real impact on your life. Many people will mention their parents and family as influential on their lives. My inspirators include relatives, but I have quite a few ‘outsiders’ as well on my list.

Inspirators in every phase of life

In my personal experience, in every phase of life you meet at least one person who in one way or the other, affects the rest of your life. Sometimes a person has a huge impact on your whole life, but most of the times these people have a small, but everlasting, impact on who you are. Every phase of life demands for other inspirators.

Although the inspiration remains, an inspirator itself doesn’t necessarily has to keep his impact for ever, you can outgrow the initial inspiration or change your ‘path of life’.

Inspirators come along in your life automatically, but it is also possible to steer you luck a bit.

Getting in touch with inspirators

For people with a strong drive and ambition, inspirators help you to grow and become who you aspire to be. With the ambition as a dot on the horizon, you can go out and get in touch with the people you admire.

Reading (auto-)biographies is really good to get a deeper understanding of ones ideals, motives and accomplishments.

Internet and especially personal media like twitter, linkedin and facebook have brought people we admire a lot closer, providing a look into the real life.

Business-wise, opinions of thought leaders can be seen as shared parts of wisdom. Seek out the people who shape tomorrow and simply follow them.

When you learn to understand what skill, knowledge or experience you lack right now in order to fulfill your ambitions, you can really benefit a lot from making a list of people who have the skill, knowledge or experience you aspire. In this way you’re able to obtain this competence more easily.

Find influencers online

Social media have made it far more easy to find influencers and inspirators.
Linkedin offers a dedicated page on thought leaders you might be interested in, while Klout is an online tool specifically designed to do the work for you. Very interesting are the pages where Klout serves up other people’s influencers.

Take a look at Barack Obama’s profile on Klout for example.

Klout - Barack Obama

We learn here that mr. Obama is a huge influencer, with a score of 99. People who influence him are all in politics, and all with Klout scores of well over 80.

Mitt Romney, the fellow candidate during the 2012 elections, has a Klout score of 92, and one of his influencers is…. Barack Obama..

Recently, Wired published an insightful article on the meaning of Klout for your career. Do people actually get turned down for jobs they’ve applied for because of their Klout score?

What kind of people have influenced you and what kind of people are on your list right now?


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