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I spotted that Wired published a list of the hottest start-ups from Europe, including the top 10 from the city I was born in: Amsterdam.

My attention was drawn to the picture to the left of the Amsterdam chapter where Peecho’s Martijn Groot (or is it Sander Nagtegaal) is seen sitting on a bookcase. I directly imagined how this picture came about.

So there you are, one of the hottest startups going titan, to be published in world-renowned magazine Wired. Of course, you’ve been nervous for the biggest part of last week. Time is ticking, the Wired photographer will be in shortly.

‘Where do we want our picture taken? Do we go and sit at the big board table and behave like CEO’s of an established company?’

‘No of course not, we’re a startup. We go and sit on the bookcase with the funny penguins above it and the Guilt Millau guide in it to show we like to indulge ourselves from time to time too.’

And then, right before the picture is taken, Sander, or Martijn, jumps in and sleekly slides in a copy of the Dutch equivalent of Wired magazine Bright.

‘Are we a challenging start-up or we are not?’

Congratulations guys with the #1 spot in the start-up ranking. Keep rocking! 😉

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