Where am I not?

When planning new things, sometimes it seems more tempting to just quit, because the dangers, difficulties and amount of work seem impossible to overcome. With so many things that may (or may not) go wrong, it can seem very unlikely that the plan will be successful. That’s the moment you need to remind yourself that anything is possible as long as you focus on the goal.

The wisdom of an African lady inspires me. Once, she asked: ‘Where am I not’. The list of answers to this questions was, of course, nearly infinite. But did this mean she did not exist?

About the author

Over the past few years Walter van der Scheer has been evangelizing marketing automation to advertising agencies, e-commerce companies and co-workers alike and has been building a team of determined sales professionals. He has made progress, but the road ahead is still very long. Walter shares his personal experiences and challenges along the road of changing the way that marketing is done, while trying to stick to the strategically chosen path. +

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