Last year, Dutch Chamber of Commerce registered a total of 150.000 new company registrations, of which 94% are sole proprietorship. No doubt that some of them will prove to be the next big thing.

In The Netherlands, most start-ups are found in the 4 big cities, with Amsterdam being the most dominant one. And despite a tech campus in Eindhoven and a science park in Amsterdam, Holland doesn’t have areas like the United States have.

In the US you can find (tech) start-ups throughout the country in a handful of areas: New York (Silicon Alley), Seattle (the home of Microsoft  & Amazon) and San Francisco (Silicon Valley). But the last couple of years a new location has stuck his head round the corner. This area is called Silicon Beach and is located at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Personally, I can see the attraction in the seafront location of Venice Beach. But more people can imagine themselves living at Silicon Beach, making the house prices go through the roof recently!

Bobby Murphy - Snapchat founder's house

25-year-old Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy has bought a new two-bedroom house for $2.1 million, or nearly double the median price of homes in the neighborhood. More pictures in a new window

As one of the most successful new ventures emerging from Silicon Beach, Snapchat has already made it to the surface. Which one of the other 817 startups ( will prove to be the next big thing?

Start-ups in LA
Start-ups in LA

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