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Linkedin has its own laboratory, where smart inventors go to the edges of the possible. Recently, they started offering the possibility of visualizing your network.

Pretty cool of course. I visualized mine, which looks like this:

Linkedin-Walter van der Scheer - Network
Linkedin-Walter van der Scheer – Network

I noticed that my network in ecommerce, marketing and agencies is pretty dense. No wonder, because most of my professional live I discuss the latest in conversion optimization with an e-commerce manager, all about tomorrow’s marketing hype with a marketing manager and fantastic business opportunities with an agency director.

What I take from the visualization, besides the divide in my network, is the people who have a core bridge function. Those are the people who are represented with a bigger dot.

Furthermore, there’s some loose lying islands as well, of people from other professions, from sports activities, friends, and people I met or worked with in other fields.

If your network consists of only loose islands, you’re either a generalist or not yet in a senior position. The people represented by the big dots might be able to help you or show you the right direction of people to contact.

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Walter van der Scheer is an avid user of Linkedin and follows it’s development on foot. +

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