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A few weeks ago at the B2B Marketing Forum I teamed up with Qamel’s Bert Jan van Rein for a Marketing Automation Masterclass. In one and a half hours we discussed the current market developments, challenges and four tactics to get started with marketing automation from scratch.

The response afterwards was very positive:

Now I have the right ammunition to convince the rest of the organization to get started with marketing automation.

one attendee shared with me after the session.

Another B2B marketer added:

I didn’t know where to start. Now I have 4 tactics and have learned that instead of planning infinitely, more importantly, it is a matter of simply starting somewhere.

B2B Marketing forum 2014
B2B Marketing forum 2014

B2B Marketing forum
B2B Marketing forum

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At the 2014 B2B Marketing Forum Walter van der Scheer chaired a masterclass about Marketing Automation in business to business situations.+

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