Highlights from the Forrester Wave Email Marketing Vendors Report Q3 2014

Back in 2012 when Forrester evaluated email marketing vendors, email marketing seemed to be all about integrating email in the (omnichannel) life cycle and marketing cloud platforms. Las week, Forrested published their latest Forrested Wave Email Marketing Vendors Report.

In their 2014 Forrester point out that integrated communications are important and at the same time Forrester also makes it clear that, and I quote, “email marketers can capture de novo opportunity if they innovate around email itself’.

Forrester paints a picture of an industry with

  1. plenty of room to improve
  2. opportunities for new innovators
  3. increased importance of support

Marketers love email for its retention, sales, and loyalty influence. But most email programs still fail to deliver user-centric experiences. When it comes to program development, despite dynamic content, many email marketers today have limited experience with in-email innovations like email-enabled video, open time personalisation and microsegment targeting.

Having a full marketing cloud solution is not heavily weighted as it was for the past two years. Email marketers today put emphasis on:

  • data security
  • account management
  • ease of use
  • database support

Bottom-line: email marketing is about results, more than ever, and thus, is all about testing (as if it was ever about something else..). Email subject lines and customizing messages to user behaviors contribute heavily to optimizing conversions.

With all of these developments, selecting the right tooling for your email marketing and marketing automation can seem more daunting than ever. In this article I help you selecting an email marketing vendor that fits your needs.

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Walter is commercial manager for Copernica Marketing Software. He has been in the email marketing space for over a decade. +

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