Five findings about global email marketing practices

A recent study about global email marketing, performed by Lionbridge, resulted in the following 5 findings:

Top 5 findings global email marketing survey

  1. Email marketing owners
  2. Email deliverability
  3. Customer experience, preferences and privacy
  4. Localization best practices
  5. Responsive design


Email marketing owners

The majority of businesses have a global email strategy centralized at corporate headquarters (64.1%) with marketing operations (40.2%) or digital marketing (34.3%)owning email.

Email is used for customer engagement (74%) mostly, specifically for product announcements (71.3%) and customer acquisition/product sales (63.3%).

Of all companies, 45% have no clear strategy for managing email frequency. However, 56.1% combine email marketing efforts with social media, content marketing and CRM integration.

Email deliverability

Global email marketing programs are primarily executed internally, with 35.6% performed from an email marketing system and 31.4% from a marketing automation system.

In 41% of the cases separate teams make use email marketing.

Customer experience, preferences and privacy

Buyer profiles are aplpied to databases for targeting en segmentation in 47% of the cases. Six out of ten businesses limit the touch points per time period. 26.1% of email marketers rely on the management of privacy by their email system.

Localization best practices

A list of regional preferences is maintained by only 25% of the respondents. If elements are customised then it would be copy (57%), web links (53%), images (47%), brand messaging (45%) or calls to action (43%).

Responsive design

The majority of organisations are still not using responsive design (67.7%) in their email design.

Top 5 findings global email marketing survey

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For over a decade Walter van der Scheer has been involved in email marketing, for local stars and global leaders like Mitsubishi, Toyota, Exact Software, Moleskine, Intercontinental Hotels and Manchester United. +

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