Get to grips with the latest in ecommerce: Webwinkel Vakdagen, January 21st & 22nd

The Webwinkel Vakdagen is the premier e-commerce event in The Netherlands, where professionals, like you, share experiences, insights and take in the latest developments and innovations.

Free email marketing advice

During the Webwinkel Vakdagen, Walter van der Scheer offers free email marketing automation. Book your session directly. Sessions are limited and subject to availability.

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Lectures at the Webwinkel vakdagen

An enormous amount of over 200 lectures is organised in six theme theatres and two Keynote Arena’s.

Zones at the Webwinkel Vakdagen

The trade show floor is divided in six zones:

1. Marketing: Affiliate-, email-, mobile- en dialogue marketing, SEO & SEA, analytics, comparison sites, F-commerce, social networks, mobile sites & apps, webcare, social commerce
Webdesign, CMS, hosting, open source, e-commerce platforms, webshop software
3. Payment Solutions, Privacy & Legal: PSP’s, banks, risk management, debt collection, credit management, mobile payment
4. Logistics & Customer Contact: Delivery, Fulfilment, stockmanagement, packaging
5. Start-up Village
6. (Big) Data

Full program

You don’t need to sign up for the lectures, they are free to visit for all visitors. Follow lectures of leading online retailers and e-commerce suppliers.
View the complete program >>

About Walter van der Scheer

During the Webwinkel Vakdagen, Walter van der Scheer is available for free email marketing automation advice. Feel free to schedule a meeting via the contact form. Follow Walter on Twitter (@wvanderscheer) and Google+.

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