Emerce 100: the best companies in e-business 2015

Today Emerce published he Emerce 100 list for 2015. As can be read in my previous post [Is your marketing designed for change], the number of e-business and technology companies are keeping to expand exponentially and new specialisms pop-up. This year, the list contains a total of 279 companies from The Netherlands alone.

New categories are for Social & Analytics Software, Analytics Agencies, Social Agencies, DSP’s and Tradingdesks.

We have highlighted a couple of categories in this post. The full post (in Dutch) can be read on the Emerce website.

CMS Software

The winners in the category CMS Software are:
Adobe Experience Manager

Image courtesy of Emerce

In the open-source sector we see WordPress and Umbraco.


The category e-mailmarketing has been extended with quite a few names once more. Clang, Exact target, Selligent, Tripolis, Emark, Webpower and Copernica are heading the list.

Image courtesy of Emerce

Social software

In this new category, the winners are Coosto, Media Injection and closely followed by Buzzcapture.

Analytics software is headed by Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely.

Image courtesy of Emerce

About Walter van der Scheer

Passionate about e-business and marketing technology, proud of his team at Copernica for making it into the Emerce list yet another year. Follow Walter on Twitter (@wvanderscheer) and Google+.

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