Interview with Uri Gneezy in FD

Together with Arjan Haring from The Control Group I am the co-organizer of a Meetup called Business Experimentation. On a regular basis we organize Meetups with local speakers and international speakers. At the end of October we were in for a treat when Uri Gneezy, one of the worlds most influential economics of this time, according to Forbes, was in The Netherlands. He was enthusiastic to do a presentation. For this inaugural Business Experimentation meetup Uri talked about how to combine data science with behavioral science and why this is important for businesses.

After the presentation a select company was invited to enjoy an exclusive dinner with Uri Gneezy. All in all a great night, especially since FD, the Dutch Financial Times, interviewed Uri and published a nice post about his visit. This was already the second article in a row in FD, the first one was with Sinan Aral (I Love Experiments).

Interview with Uri Gneezy in FD
Interview with Uri Gneezy in FD

About Uri Gneezy

Uri Gneezy is the Epstein/Atkinson Endowed Chair in Behavioral Economics and Professor of Economics & Strategy at the University of California, San Diego’s Rady School of Management.

Uri, who frequently contributes to the Freakonomics website, is known for designing simple, clever experiments to demonstrate behavioral phenomena that open up new research directions in behavioral economics. Examples include his work on when and how incentives work, deception, gender differences in competitiveness, and behavioral pricing.

Uri and coauthor John A. List have published a must read book on field experimentation, titled “The Why Axis.”

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