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Walter van der Scheer presentingFor over a decade, Walter van der Scheer has been working at the intersection of marketing, IT and business development. This blog is dedicated to sharing Walter’s personal experiences and insights in this exciting area.

Walter enjoys sharing and discussing his experiences with groups. Over the past few years, Walter has been a frequent speaker and trainer on in-company sessions, events, seminars & conferences.

Currently, Walter is Chief Marketing at GoDataDriven, the leading Data Science company in The Netherlands.

Before joining GoDataDriven, Walter was Commercial Manager at Copernica Marketing Software, an international developer of marketing software as-a-service, where he lead the company to grow from 0 to over 5,000 users.

Underlining his ‘work hard-play hard’ approach to life, Walter is a driven urbanathlete, general active sports enthusiast and intrepid world traveller.


  • Pragmatic and disciplined self-starter with a getting-things-done mentality

  • Vast experience in marketing and business development of high-end software technologies

  • Excellent in big data & marketing automation (technology and hands-on)

  • Experienced speaker and manager

  • International track record and broad network consisting of IT and Marketing professionals




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